A Brief History of Ridgeside

Scroll down to take a stroll through the past 100+ years of Ridgeside history.

Late 1800s to early 1900s: Farmer and landowner John T. Shepherd operates the Hill Glen Dairy on the site of what became Ridgeside.
1922: John Shepherd’s son, Paul W. Shepherd begins conversion of the diary farm into a housing subdivision. Natural gas lines are run from the then distant Chattanooga through Missionary Ridge to the fledgling community.
1929: Paul Shepherd reasoned lot sales would benefit from the development of a miniature golf course. A course was constructed from what is now the community pool down the little valley bordered by Hilldale and Ridgeside to Brookwood. Years later it was removed to make room for additional houses, but vestiges of the course remain in the community park and several backyards.
1929-1931: Ridgeside residents resist repeated annexation attempts by the City of Chattanooga. The adjacent community of Missionary Ridge votes to become part of Chattanooga. Ridgeside doggedly maintains its independence.
1931: Ridgeside incorporates as City of Ridgeside.
1930s: Annual Christmas luminaries begin as residents develop community traditions to celebrate the holidays. The tradition evolved as residents set out candles in paper bags along the streets in front of their homes. The tradition continues as the city sets aside two evenings each Christmas season for the candlelight display.
1942: In June '42 City residents hold a community picnic that has evolved into a twice annual affair, now held at the community pool on Memorial Day and the 4th of July.
1952: Shepherd Hills declares the subdivision complete with the construction of several  new homes.
1972: Health and city planning experts advise Ridgeside residents to replace septic tanks with a city sewer system.
1974: Residents reject a $295,000 bond issue for sewer construction, electing to keep their individual septic tanks. Some records indicate the bond issue lost by one vote.
1980: The Ridgeside City Commission begins work to develop an annual budget after being cited by a state audit for failing to maintain a formal, yearly budget.
1981: Golden Anniversary celebration.
1995: Visioning project conducted by resident Eleanor Cooper sets goals for coming community development and focus.
2000: Hamilton County Waste Water Treatment Authority implements a individual cost share plan to install grinder pump sewer systems in a number of Hamilton County communities. Ridgeside is included in the program. The grinder pump system bypasses many of the old septic tanks.
2015: Community celebrates 75 years as an incorported city
2016: FEMA report indicates Ridgeside has less than a one-percent chance of catastrophic flooding.